Message of H. E Mr. Adel Elarbi, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Pakistan

on the occasion of the59th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tunisia 


It gives me great pleasure to address the brotherly people of Pakistan on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tunisia.  

Tunisia obtained its independence from France in 1956 and has been a republic since 1957. During the colonial period, Tunisians were deprived of all rights. Tunisians were destitute by the colonial system of important posts in the state apparatus, political and civil rights of Tunisians were violated. Tunisian women were marginalized, prevented from attending school and restricted from participating in public life. 

Colonization, national oppression and the absence of political rights evoked widespread discontent in Tunisia to bring about Tunisia’s national revival.  Tunisians made huge sacrifices to empower their position as the sole determinant to take charge of their own destiny. Each chapter of the history of the Tunisian battle on the path of independence tells us a different story about our patriotic heroes and loyal national leaders notably the late Habib Bourguiba, the First President of the Republic and the founding father of modern Tunisia.

Ever since, we have shaped our own politics which have always been guided by the enduring values of fairness and justice, honesty of purpose, the pursuit of excellence and the love for our country. It is inspiring that our people have refused, whether in the colonial period as well as following the independence, to succumb to injustice, tyranny and oppression.

Indeed, just over four years ago, Tunisians took a brave stand against lack of opportunities and corruption. Protests sparked off throughout the country about economic grievances and dictatorship and led to the downfall of the Ben Ali regime. Tunisia has successfully moved ahead with a historic democratic transition. Tunisian people have elected a new Parliament, a new President of the Republic and they are confident that the newly appointed Government will seek the opinions of the full spectrum of the Tunisian people to ensure that the Second Republic would be founded upon the legitimate aspirations of all Tunisians for responsive, accountable governance and respect for their universal human rights.

 We have come together with a spirit of compromise and consensus; we drafted a new progressive constitution that was hailed by international leaders, constitutional experts and lawmakers as a constitution that is rooted in democratic principles - equality, freedom, human rights, security, economic opportunities for all, and the rule of law.

 The ratification of the new charter stands as well for a milestone in the modern history of the country and lays the ground for the Second Republic. We have held the first free and pluralistic elections in the modern history of our country and formed an inclusive government where dialogue and consensus, rather than domination and exclusion, was the watchword of the Tunisian transition from an authoritarian to a democratic state. Tunisia has as well successfully institutionalized its revolution through what have been hailed as the first ever free, transparent and pluralistic parliamentarian and presidential elections in the history of the country, with broad participation and strong support from the international community

It is true that democracy needs strong institutions but it needs as well strong economic growth so Tunisians can see that democracy can deliver a better life.

 I strongly believe that democratic progress and economic progress must go hand in hand.  In this regard, the election of a new Parliament and new President of the Republic together with the appointment of a new Government are positive steps forward that would lay the foundation for enduring economic growth, in order to tackle the problems of poverty, unemployment, regional disparities and respond to the aspirations of the Tunisian people towards democracy, freedom and decent life.

I have faith in our country and in our people, faith that we can thrive in the world, whatever the challenges are. Faith that we can get our politics right, that we can throw up honest, capable, trusted people to lead our country well, to make our system work for Tunisians. Faith that we can stay together as one united people, maintain a steady course year after year and make our dreams comes true to create opportunities for Tunisians, to fulfill their potential, do their best, to invest in every Tunisian and develop their innate talent, and thus to keep Tunisia a place where the human spirit thrives.

These are acts of conviction in Tunisia and in ourselves. Nowhere was this conviction more vividly expressed than on our National Day. Today, when we sing” When the people will to live, destiny must surely respond”, we pledge ourselves as one united people that we will spare no effort to forge our new way forward. Together, we will build a better Tunisia for all of us. We must pass on to our children a better country. We owe it to them to do so. Just as we owe what we have today to our founding generation.

We remember with respect and gratitude those who have lost their lives for the sake of our land. We hold them in our hearts as well as those who stood by our country during our struggle for independence. In this connection, I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as they were earnest supporter of the Tunisian move towards independence. Tunisia and Pakistan enjoy long-standing political, economic, social and cultural relations based on mutual respect and solidarity. We are pledged to find new avenues of cooperation between our two brotherly countries to upgrade the prevailing bilateral relations to the highest level of strategic partnership. We share a common will, a common perception and an unwavering commitment to get our brotherly countries much more close in all areas for the mutual benefit of our brotherly peoples.

Long live Tunisian Pakistani brotherhood

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