Message of His Excellency Mourad Bourehla

(Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Pakistan)

Welcome to the new web site of the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia to Pakistan. The embassy is not only an office building; it's a family of people, Tunisian and Pakistani. The Embassy is pleased to support any endeavors that could increase mutual understanding and respect between our two countries. 

As I strongly believe in the connective power of the internet to bring people together, I am totally confident that this utility will help us to build new bridges between our two brotherly peoples despite the geographical distance that separates our countries. While the journey from Islamabad to Tunis takes nine hours, this web site can easily take you to Tunis in few minutes.

 Thanks to the animated video sequences inserted in the web site you would enjoy a virtual trip to Tunisia, through which You can travel over the history of the country, embrace its glorious moments of power and influence, explore its rich historical legacy, sightsee the magnificent sites in Tunisia and be acquainted with the cultural, religious and societal diversity of the Tunisian people.

Home of the ancient city of Carthage, Tunisia is endowed with a strategic geographic location as it is placed in the centre of North Africa, close to vital shipping routes which has made it at the crossroads of history. In their times, the Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and French realized its strategic significance, making it a hub for control over the region. Having welcomed to its soil all these civilizations, which have mutually enriched one another, Tunisia is a country of great cultural diversity, with an open and tolerant society that overwhelmingly rejects fanaticism and extremism.

Modern Tunisia has consistently pursued a policy of openness and moderation in its international relations, based on its adherence to the United Nations Charter and to international legality. It unwaveringly works to promote peace and cooperation as well as to champion the values of tolerance, solidarity in its own region and throughout the world and to consolidate its relations with brotherly and friendly countries, among the top of them the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Tunisia and Pakistan enjoy long-standing political, economic, social and cultural relations based on mutual respect and solidarity. Only one year after the independence of my country in 1956, Pakistan inaugurated its embassy in Tunisia. Since then, our two countries have spared no efforts to enhance the existing relations. The exchange of senior officials testifies to the true willingness of both countries to find new avenues of cooperation in order to upgrade their bilateral relations to the highest level of strategic partnership.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey a message of solidarity from Tunisia to our brotherly Pakistani people, a message of hope and confidence in a brilliant and prosperous future, we share a common will, a common vision and an unwavering commitment to get our brotherly countries much more closer as well as to find new horizons to further strengthen the prevailing relations between the two countries in all areas for the mutual benefit of our brotherly peoples. There is an African proverb that says, "If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” …. Both in Tunisia and Pakistan we are determined to go far, therefore, we are keen to go together.

Long live Tunisian Pakistani friendship (Message in Urdu )

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